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SKU: G-01
Throttle - acelerator from Paramotor
102,85 €
Price: 85,00 €
Tax Amount: 17,85 €
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Manufacturer : Paramotor
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    A new Throttle very studied, tested and guaranteed in all kinds of flights, operating.


    • - With gloves, with out gloves
    • - Small hands, big hands,
    • - Right-handed or left-handed (left or right)
    • - Anatomic position of fingers,
    • - Perfect grip,
    • - The exact hand position,
    • - Lock guaranteed in any position of gas engine
    • - Unlocking fast, half turn.
    • - Special big roulette gloves, screw 6 m.m
    • - Regulation of tape for the setting at hand
    • - Safety clip to just quickly in case of need, at the same time hang it in the chassis to always have protected when not flying, and as not, place it where we want our paramotor to fly without the hand.
    • - Button - Button stop protected
    • - The prisoner of milimetric gas setting.
    • - Piece of excess cable for future adjustments or tensions (Recommended not to cut and always have a small piece, the cables stretched and occasionally should be adjusted, (from there this scrap piece, put a stop to the cable, if you can not click you)

    Throttle Option:

    • - Left or Right hand
    • - 1 ó 2 Pushbuttons for Stop - Start
    • - Possibility of including Tach & Hours Meter (optional)
    • - 3 Colors: Black, Blue and Red

    Always in our paramotors for manual start, assemble 2 buttons - buttons of stop of series in paramotors of electric starter, it has button - button for stop - push-button engine start, and since that also assemble other 2 buttons - of stop and start in our external electronic box,with which always in our paramotors have double button - button for stop and start. Very important this is for our security.


    " The most simple, without complications and a good performance is the best thing"
    Jose Navarro
    Jose NavarroPXP Paramotor