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Le Casque SportFly Paramoteur est le choix parfait pour des activités de vol ultra-légers telles que Paramotor, Parapente, Paratrike - Chariots, Ultralight (ULM), etc. Parfait pour la qualité - Prix. Plus d’informations lire ci-dessous. S’il vous plaît choisir vos caractéristiques.
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Fournisseurs : SportFly
  • Dans ce produit, nous n’offrons pas la traduction dans la langue Français (uniquement disponible en anglais et en espagnol). Désolé, on s’excuse. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter.

    SportFly Paramotor Helmet

    A very good choice for Quality - Price.

    The SportFly Paramotor Helmet is the perfect choice for ultralight flight activities such as: Paramotor, Paragliding, Paratrike, Ultralight (ULM) and others.

    SportFly Helmets are available in:

    Black, White and Grey, all in satin soft touch finish or optionally Hydroprint (Carbon Finish or Leather Effect).


    S - M - L - XL - XXL (adjustable with removable and washable interior).

    Perfect for Pilots looking for quality and guarantee at the best price.

    The SportFly features an ABS housing that ensures long-lasting comfort and durability.
    As a paramotor helmet the SportFly can be optionally equipped with intercom systems, there are three available:

    • Headset Peltor Optime II: Medium version with optimal noise reduction (31dB) for those looking for comfort and optimal quality.
    • Headset Peltor Optime III High version with optimal noise reduction (35 dB) for those looking for comfort and optimal quality.
    • Headset 3M X5 High Version with optimal noise reduction (37 dB) for those looking for comfort and optimal quality. A little heavier than Optime II and Optime III.

    See below in "TYPES OF PROTECTIONS" more features.

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    Helmet Features:

    • Wide and soft padding helps reduce pressure on the ears and improves comfort and portability.
    • The large space inside the cups reduces moisture and heat build-up.
    • Easy-to-replace padding and inserts help keep them clean and hygienic.
    • The large space inside the cups reduces moisture and heat build-up.
    • Attenuation OF: 31 dB, 34 dB y 37dB.


    The SportFly Helmet Electronics.

    • High-performance speakers with plastic dome
    • Micro electret with passive filter
    • Possibility of micro dynamic low noise level (Optional)
    • Connector with the possibility to adapt any type of walkie
    • Adaptable to Bluetooth equipment for mobile phones and two-seat communications.

    Magnet: Ferrite materials size 20.5 * 4.5mm
    Impedance: 32 degrees at about 1KHz
    Nominal power: normal 30mW RMS Maximum 100Mw
    Output sound pressure: 95 x 3dB / 1mW / 1cm with artificial ear per channel
    Level: average in 1.0k, 1.2k, 1.5k, 2.0Hkz
    Resonance Fo: 100Hz
    Frequency range: 100Hz-3000Hz
    Distortion: 5% maximum at 1KHz / 1mW / 1cm
    Abnormal sound test: should be normally tested by voltage 3.0 sine wave


    Type: Dynamic microphone with noise cancellation.
    Housing material: ABS plastic
    Sensitivity: 0.-71dB x 3dB (a L x 50 cm) (0dB x 1v /pa, 1KHz)
    Low impedance 150Ω
    Frequency: 150Hz-7000Hz
    Pattern: hypercardioid
    Foam Type: Universal Flexible
    Headband: Padded headband for comfort, adjustable headband
    Plug: aviation plug 8 pin microphone and headset


    Type: Press to talk
    Housing material: ABS plastic


    1. 24dB NRR Audience Protecion
    2. Passive noise cancellation
    3. Headphone plug:aviation plug 8 pin
    4. Microphone plug: aviation plug 8 pin
    5. Standard foam earmuffs, optional gel earmuff
    6. Super soft double foam head pad
    7. Adjustable stainless steel metal boom
    8. Spiral cable from headset to molded plug, 150cm


    Sizes of Helmets

    Es importante que antes de comprar tu casco compruebes que la talla que vayas a seleccionar sea la adecuada para ti.
    Seleccionar el casco adecuado es importante para tu seguridad, por ello te recomendamos que sigas los siguientes pasos para escoger tu talla de casco antes de realizar el pedido.

    How to select the correct size of my helmet?

    To select the correct size of your helmet, you must:
    1. Take a tape measure and measure you the contour of your head above the eyebrows, forehead.
    2. Then compare the resulting measurement with the following table to select your correct size.
    Where a measure is between a size or another, select the top size. (For example if your resulting measure 58, 5 cm your helmets size would be the size L).

    Table of Equivalences

    Sizes of Helmets






    Measures in cm.

    55.5 - 57

    57 - 58.5

    58.5 - 61

    61 - 62.5

    63 - 64


    Types of Screens

    Pantalla Transparente

    Pantalla Transparente
    Transparent Screen
    Écran Transparent

    Pantalla Ahumada

    Pantalla Ahumada
    Smoked Screen
    Écran fumé

    Pantalla Espejo

    Pantalla Espejo
    Mirror Screen
    Écran miroir


    Types of Hearing Protection

    3M PELTOR OPII (31dB)
    3M PELTOR OPII (31dB)

    Developed for demanding noise-hazard environments and muffles even extremely low frequencies to a maximum degree. The sealing rings are filled with a unique combination of liquid and foam. The result is an optimum seal with low contact pressure, which provides snug comfort even during long-time use. The sealing rings have ventilation channels and are covered with soft, patterned, hygienic foil.

    3M PELTOR OPIII (34dB)
    3M PELTOR OPIII (34dB)

    Optime III is a super-muff, and has been developed for use in extremely noisy environments. The protection is based on a technology with a double casing that minimises resonance in the holder casing, an acoustic connection between the inner volume and the volume between the casings in its turn provides maximum low-frequency muffling. This results in maximum high-frequency muffling, while at the same time its still easy to understand speech and signals. The sealing rings are broad and filled with soft plastic foam for the best fit and low contact pressure.

    3M PELTOR X5 (37db)
    3M PELTOR X5 (37db)

    For use in extremely high-noise exposure environtments keeping a lightweight with excellent balance and comfort. Unique attenuation as a result of optimum combination of specially-formulated foam featured in the earcups, cushions and the innovative spacer and cup design, and a newly-designed spacer improving attenuation without excess bulk or weight.
    Earcups tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency, wire headband offers comfortable pressure, a new special foam.. makes this groundbreaking ear protector a pleasure to wear during prolonged usage.


    Types of Connections - Pins



    CB01 cable with double jack mono 2.5 mm. - 3.5 mm. Recommended for walkies with connection in the top side. To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.

    Special for Walkies: Yaesu, Hora, Atlantic, Cobra, Cybercom, Rxon, Maxon, Alan, Standard.



    CB02 Cable with plug 90º with double jack (2.5 mm-3.5 mm.). Exclusive to Kenwood walkies or compatible. To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.

    Special for Walkies: Kenwood, Misland, CT-32SH, All Chinese radios: Handrytron, Dynascam Puxing y otras.



    CB03 Cable with 2.5 mm connector specific to walkies Motorola Talkabout. To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.

    Special for Walkies: PMR Motorola Talkabout.



    CB04 Cable with 3.5 mm. jack with four pins, angled 90º. To connect our products BlueNAC-3000 RL Portable and Panel-mount.

    Special for Walkies: Yaesu VX-110, VX-150, VX-146, VX-246, FT-60, Dynascan, AD-09, Baofeng UV-3R.



    CB05 Cable with threaded connector 3.5 mm. jack with four pins. Waterproof walkies Yaesu/Vertex Standard VX. To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.

    Special for Walkies: Yaesu VX-120, VX-170, VX-6, VX-7.



    CB09 Cable with double jack mono 2.5-3.5mm to Motorola GP300. Can be used with other Motorola radios with adaptor. To connect our products BlueNAC-3000 RL.

    Special for Walkies: Motorola.



    Cable with 90º double jack mono 2.5-3.5mm. For most FM walkies (2m) and many FRS (connection in the side). To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.



    CB20 Cable Double plug mono 2.5 - 3.5 mm. for Motorola radios with adapter to GP340. To connect our electronics N2C5/NAC-Sidetone to your radio.


    Pushbutton side - PTT

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