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Ref: HAA-08
Casque de sport intégral certifié EN966 avec système de communication exclusif N2C5 pour les radios FM : VHF 2m, UHF PMR446, LPD443 ou FRS/GMRS. Plus d’informations lire ci-dessous. S’il vous plaît choisir vos caractéristiques.

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Descripción - Description - La description:

Dans ce produit, nous n’offrons pas la traduction dans la langue Français (uniquement disponible en anglais et en espagnol). Désolé, on s’excuse. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter.

ANUBIS Integral Comm N2C5 Helmet

Integral helmet for air sports EN966 certified, with exclusive communication system N2C5 (Before NAC-2000C/AV) for FM radios: VHF 2 meter, UHF PMR446, LPD443 or FRS/GMRS.

Built-in N2C5 (Before NAC-2000C/AV) Communication system, suitable for use in PPG (paramotor), trike, ultralight or gyroplane. Aerodynamic integral helmet, specially designed for use in high-speed slalom and protect from the cold, thanks to its visor with safety lock which prevents accidental opening.
Keep communication on flight connecting your FM Radio with our Mini-XLR cables, interchangeable to connect different radios.

The ANUBIS Integral Helmet from NAC-Intercom

Taking into account the suggestions from highly experienced pilots, we have designed a light, comfortable helmet that complies with all the protection rules required for those who practise high-speed slalom. Its exclusive design with innovations like the ear protectors pressure adjustment, as well as a visor with safety lock preventing accidental opening, allows obtain maximum noise isolation. A unique helmet in the market.

Anubis Detalles

Manufactured in Italy, with ultra-resistant fiber, which makes it an extremely lightweight helmet but with the most demanding protection and sturdiness measures, complying with the Certification for aerial sports EN966, which guarantees maximum safety.
Its design is optimized to the smallest detail, paying special attention to its aerodynamic and the air flow that facilitates perspiration and prevents fogging when we fly with the visor closed. Its use with visor completes a perfect aerodynamic where neither the wind nor the cold will bother you.
Through the advice and suggestions of our customers, and our extensive experience in the world of paramotor and aviation, we have integrated in the helmet the practical and quality details that make the difference, as its size change system simply replacing the internal padding, or the new visor closure system: simple to open but secure at closing.

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Helmet Features:

Made in Italy

Made in Italy, with ultra-strong fiber, making it an extremely lightweight helmet but very robust and with the most strict security measures.

EN966 certified

Air sports EN966 certified, to ensure maximum safety.

Optimized design

Diseño optimizado hasta el más mínimo detalle, prestando una especial atención a su aerodinámica, con tomas de aire en la parte superior y posterior, que facilitan la transpiración.

Airflow" System

Airflow System "air pipe", which allows perspiration and air exchange to maintain "fresh ideas".

Quick adjustment

Thinking about the comfort of the pilot, the chin strap closure allows quick adjustment for a suitable subjection.

Large visor

Ability to attach a large visor folding screen easy to install, with different models depending on usage (transparent or smoked).

Hypoallergenic padding

Hypoallergenic removable and interchangeable inner padding: to substitute another, adjust the size or just to wash it. Maximum hygiene and comfort, extending the life of the helmet.

One size

The helmet size is determined by simply changing the inner and side padding. We have different thicknesses according to the desired size (XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL).

Maximum isolation

Attenuation greater than 32dB, one of the highest values in the market. Achieved thanks to the closed design with built-in hearing protectors, and the exclusive adjustment through a roulette wheel on the back that adjusts the pressure of the headsets.


Available in the following finishes: Pearl white, Carbon Optic, Silver grey, Dark blue and Orange. Choose the one you like.

The interior of the helmet is composed of a hypoallergenic padding by Polygiene®, a technology that neutralizes odors by stopping the growth of bacteria and fungi. Sweat has no smell, but it helps create the perfect environment for the smell that bacteria cause when they multiply. Polygiene uses natural silver salt, a very effective antimicrobial agent, to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi. However, Polygiene does not affect the bacterial flora of the skin. And without the smell that bacteria cause, the freshness in the lining is maintained at all times. Guaranteed during the normal life of the product and verified through field tests by the main brands.


The N2C5 communication electronics

Our Advanced NAC-Intercom communication system for 2-meter FM radios, FM UHF PMR446, LPD443 or FRS/GMRS. Connection is established by an interchangeable, spiral shielded cable (to avoid any interference) and a Mini-XLR connector. Therefore, you can use this helmet with multiple different radios, replace it easily if damaged or simply do not plug it to avoid entanglements if you fly without a radio.
The flexible microphone boom incorporates an electret noise cancel microphone with a windstopper foam cover. Furthermore, N2C5 (Before NAC-2000C/AV) allows to adjust the microphone gain - something that we already do at the factory, but can be changed if the walkie model requires it, or the volume in the transmitted signal is insufficient or saturated.
Communication is activated by the PTT button (Push-to-Talk), which is placed on the outer part of the shell (You can choose the side where you would like it to be placed). The PTT button is wide and sensitive and has been made with silver contacts and a constant pressure for a flawless performance. The excellent quality of the communication is achieved thanks to the noise suppression obtained by a microphone that has been specifically designed for these purposes. If your walkie comes with a VOX system, then there is no need to press the PTT. Just talk to activate the transmission. (A special cable might be necessary but we strongly disapprove of using it to avoid an accidental activation of the transmission).

Connect to FM Radios

Connect almost every radio FM 2-meters, PMR446, LPD443 or FRS/GMRS in the market, with our Mini-XLR cables.

Change the radio, not your helmet

The interchangeable Mini-XLR, spiral shielded to avoid any interference, allows to use this helmet with multiple different radios, replace it easily if damaged or simply do not plug it to avoid entanglements.

Electret microphone

Electret noise cancel microphone with windstopper foam cover, with flexible articulated boom 270º can position the headset in the right or left side.


Communication is activated by the PTT button (Push-to-Talk), placed on the outer part of the shell. Wide and sensitive button made with silver contacts and a constant pressure for a flawless performance.

Volume control

In the N2C5 is possible adjust the volume of the communication whithout losing sound quality, to activate according to the flight wind noise.

Audio quality

The excellent quality of the communication achieved thanks to the noise suppression microphone that has been specifically designed for it.

Attenuation levels

Choose different ear protection according your activity: medium, hight or extreme attenuation (31db, 35db, 37db).

Flying comfort

The selected ear protectors are made for prolonged periods of use, keeping constant pressure and reducing heat accumulation.


Sizes of Helmets

Es importante que antes de comprar tu casco compruebes que la talla que vayas a seleccionar sea la adecuada para ti.
Seleccionar el casco adecuado es importante para tu seguridad, por ello te recomendamos que sigas los siguientes pasos para escoger tu talla de casco antes de realizar el pedido.

How to select the correct size of my helmet?

To select the correct size of your helmet, you must:
1. Take a tape measure and measure you the contour of your head above the eyebrows, forehead.
2. Then compare the resulting measurement with the following table to select your correct size.
Where a measure is between a size or another, select the top size. (For example if your resulting measure 58, 5 cm your helmets size would be the size L).

Table of Equivalences

Sizes of Helmets






Measures in cm.

55.5 - 57

57 - 58.5

58.5 - 61

61 - 62.5

63 - 64


Types of Screens

Transparent Screen

Transparent Screen

Smoked Screen

Smoked Screen


Types of Connections - Pins



Cable CB01 doble jack mono 2.5 mm. y 3.5 mm. Recomendado para Walkies con conexión superior. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas MX5/NAC-Sidetone.

Especial para Walkies: Yaesu, Hora, Atlantic, Cobra, Cybercom, Rxon, Maxon, Alan, Standard.



Cable CB02 con conector doble jack de 2,5&3,5 mm acodado 90º. Para walkies compatibles con Kenwood. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone

Especial para Walkies: Kenwood, Misland, CT-32SH, Todas las Chinas: Handrytron, Dynascam Puxing y otras.



Cable CB03 con Jack de 2.5mm más largo que el Standard, específico para radios PMR Motorola Talkabout. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone.

Especial para Walkies: PMR Motorola Talkabout.



Cable CB04 con conector Jack de 3,5 mm. y cuatro contactos, acodado 90º. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas MX5/Deluxe.

Especial para Walkies: Yaesu VX-110, VX-150, VX-146, VX-246, FT-60, Dynascan, AD-09, Baofeng UV-3R.



Cable CB05 conector con rosca de 3,5 mm. y cuatro contactos. Para walkies Yaesu Vertex Standard VX sumergibles. Conexión con nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone.

Espaecial Para Walkies: Yaesu VX-120, VX-170, VX-6, VX-7.



Cable CB09 con doble jack mono de 2.5 y 3.5 mm. Específico para radios de Motorola y otros modelos. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone.

Especial para Walkies: Motorola.



Cable doble jack mono 2.5-3.5mm acodado. Utilizado en walkies FM-2m y algunas PMR (con conexión lateral). Para conectar a nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone.



Cable CB20 doble jack mono de 2,5 y 3,5 mm. para radios Motorola con adaptador para GP340. Para conectar su radio a nuestras electrónicas N2C5/NAC-Sidetone


Pushbutton side - PTT

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Bluetooth Sena 3S - W

Bluetooth Sena 3S - W

Bluetooth Sena SF2

Bluetooth Sena SF2
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