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SKU: FB-02
HELIX FIBER PROPELLER 2-BLADED. For the purchase of the propeller we give you the Propeller Covers (Pair - valued at 30 euros). Plus the special discount 8 %.
333,96 €
Price: 300,00 €
Discount: -24,00 €
Tax Amount: 57,96 €
Medida Helice | Prop Measure | Hélice Mesure
9 | Motor | Engine | Moteur
Manufacturer : Helix Propeller
  •  There are many references according to Motors and Measurements of Propellers and Reducers of this Manufacturer, if you do not find the model and measurement in the detachables, please consult us.
    You can also indicate the Engine Reducer measurement in the Order Comments.

    We have a great stock helices carbon propeller for your paramotor, choose your model,

    Features: low noise, increase output, low vibration and much more strong when it comes to any coup, is perfectly repaired.